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Publié par I.R.C.E. - Institut de Recherche et de Communication sur l'Europe - Le Think et Do Tank des dynamiques européennes

CI après un échange avec la DG HEALTH AND FOOD SAFETY à propos de la vaccination

Dear Madam, Health Commissioner

As you now know, the I.R.C.E. is a generalist and independent think and do tank, notably referenced by IDEA.

We are following developments in the COVID 19 crisis and would like to know if European citizens will be able to have a choice of vaccine if and when it is possible

In addition, please find below a link to a publication of which we will appreciate your assessments and comments.


Allow me to wish you a happy New Year's Eve, however small, as well as my best wishes for you, your family, friends, colleagues, structures and projects, hoping that this pandemic, now mutant like many other viruses, allows us to meet again for a serene and radiant year 2021.

Kind Regards

François CHARLES
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Dear Mr Charles,
Thank you very much for your message and for the article forwarded to the Commission.
Via its EU Strategy for COVID-19 vaccines1, the Commission has secured access for such vaccines to Member States as soon as they become available. When the Strategy was set up, nobody knew which of the many COVID-19 vaccines being developed would be successful.
One of the guiding principles for the Strategy was therefore to ensure a broad portfolio of promising vaccine candidates, developed with different techniques, e.g. the mRNA technique for the two vaccines so far authorized for the EU market, the ones from BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna. This means that several types of vaccines could be available in Member States at the same time.
However, vaccination policies, programmes and services are a national competence, and the Commission is therefore not in a position to tell whether citizens in individual countries will be able to choose between different vaccines.
Thank you once again for your message.

Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Philipp Head of Unit

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