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Publié par I.R.C.E. - Institut de Recherche et de Communication sur l'Europe - Le Think et Do Tank des dynamiques européennes

🏛I.R.C.E. 🖍Institut de Recherche et de Communication sur l'Europe (I.R.C.E.) 📍The Institute for Research and Communication on Europe is an independent association working on European dynamics in many fields, notably related to defense, international relations, governance, economy, digital, industry, transport, territories, energy in a constructive approach to seek "what is good for Europe" while considering the aspirations of each of its members.
📍Apolitical, independent and generalist, the I.R.C.E. proposes to bring together audiences from various fields of activity for a wealth of actions that are both educational, analytical, generating ideas and strengths of proposals in terms of operation and forecasting, not neglecting any reality or any reasoning option. đŸ‘‡đŸ»
Francois CHARLES, President of I.R.C.E. will represent association during PMI.
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